The Cerberus team constantly analyses the dog food market, engages with animal professionals, investigates empirical research, consults with dog owners and collaborates with university research teams to identify the most up to date canine nutritional analysis.


It is evident that the dog food market is rapidly evolving and as canine scientific knowledge develops, so do the benefits of nutritional diets, with an increasing emphasis placed upon the health benefits of individual ingredients and a well balanced diet. Cerberus believes that specialist organic meals can be created to optimise the health of individual dogs and therefore has one singular business notion “every dog of every breed has different dietary requirements”.

The Cerberus strategy is to provide for your dog by following the four-stage model, enabling us to create a unique, balanced, organic, healthy and beneficial diet for your family pet:


We have conducted in-depth breed research into genetic, inherited and contemporary issues, so we have analysed what historical and future issues your dog may face.

We take the information you provide and combine it with our research to map out nutritionally beneficial organic ingredients that are included for your dog’s preventative health, as well as current health.

We construct each balanced diet within the regulatory limits advised by the National Research Council (NRC) and the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF).

We utilise and review observed, documented research conducted by universities, animal professionals and nutritionists.

Each organic meal considers the individual dog, the history of the breed, its strengths and weaknesses and the nutritional research. You, the customer can use two models to select the most suitable meal combinations through the website and they are: 


We take the information you have provided for your dog, correlate it against our research and create an organic diet which is supported and analysed by our animal nutritionist. All you need to do is select the protein.

You provide the information on your dog, we correlate this against regulatory nutritional parameters and our own nutritional research, to enable you to select a variety of organic ingredients from each category (protein, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, oils and specialist), which allows your dog to have a beneficially variable and balanced diet.


We have generated the Build Your Own model because we believe that variety is needed in all diets and this model is nutritionally coded so that the choices you make for your dog are always directed towards optimal health. Additionally, all meals are sous vide cooked, we only use organic protein from SOIL Associated approved farmers and source organic carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, oils and super/specialist foods.

“Our animal nutritional team examine every meal that is created and are available for individual consultation, providing an additional overlay for challenging and complex diets.”