We only utilise SOIL Association approved organic protein and have a vast list of organic farmers. We use organic meat because it means there are higher standards of welfare of the animals, produced with natural plant fertilisers, no artificial colours and preservatives and no routine use of antibiotics. Being Soil Association approved means the farms are inspected at least once a year, with the overarching legislative standards governed by European Law.


With every individual dog needing different dietary requirements our animal nutritionist team continuously analyse the superfood/specialist market to identify and source research supported ingredients, which provide all the necessary nutrition, assist with the prevention of health issues and help provide a balanced diet.


Organic fruit and vegetables are a very important component for any diet and we continuously analyse the right combination to include in every meal. Like most organic ingredients the fruit and vegetables we source are known to derive more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants and are produced with natural plant fertilisers.


We have forged relationships with Organic farmers across the UK and take our time to select the right farmer and subsequently create the right meal for your dog.


The information you provide begins our process of creating a bespoke diet for your dog. Our animal nutritional team analyse all the ingredients and we use an advance mapping formula, which ensures all meals are within regulatory nutritional parameters.


The advance mapping/coding enables us to generate an enhanced system that is able to adapt to the information you provide. We can match specific ingredients against health conditions, the profession of your dog and breed, which means a unique organic meal is constructed just for your dog.


With all the organic ingredients carefully selected by our animal nutritional team the next stage of the product cycle is to prepare the food for each bespoke and individualised order. The orders are collected and reviewed from the Cerberus website and positioned in the product line, in accordance with the time of the order and the confirmed delivery date.


At this point the preparatory and cooking team take over, who source all the correct ingredients from the kitchen, where all the ingredients are stored. The next step is to weigh, apportion and complete the formulation of the meal and prepare it for cooking.


Once the ingredients have been collected and apportioned they are wrapped in parchment and placed in the oven, where they are cooked at a temperature and timeframe devised by our chef. Once the cooking process is complete the meals are then removed from the oven and placed in a chiller/freezer for a set time and temperature. At this point the meals are complete.


Each meal is packaged dependant on the individual order and is assembled by the preparatory team. Once packaged, with the address and labelling complete, the next stage is the delivery process.


The delivery of each meal is outsourced to DPD Local, who will collect the meals from us and then deliver them to you. They will provide you with an hourly slot for the delivery to made on the scheduled Friday of each week.


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