Cerberus has a team of animal nutritionists, veterinarians and professional chefs that provide an expert support group to create continuously evolving super organic nutritional diets for your dog.


The animal nutritional team is critical to every meal and ingredient that is researched and ultimately consumed by your dog.


In an ever advancing market we knew we had to get the right individuals onboard because without their technical skills it wouldn’t be possible to create an accurate nutritional analysis for each dog we encounter. The animal nutritional team brings a great depth of knowledge including:


  • The sources of macro and micronutrients and animal metabolism
  • The impact of diet in the causation and prevention of disease and the encouragement of animal health and well-being
  • Knowledge of biological and epidemiological information
  • Contemporary understanding of trends and developments in animal nutrition and manufacturing industries
  • Regulatory effects of nutrients on cells and genes

The animal nutritionist team have enabled us to become very specialist in the meals we construct for your dog, focussing on preventative and present-day health issues to a professional capacity, helping your dog in his working environment.


Whatever the individual circumstances of your dog, we will look to create a bespoke diet for them and if your dog’s needs are complex or you just want a personalised experience, then our animal nutritional team also offer individual consultations.


We thought it was essential to have a strong forward-thinking veterinarian team who are pro-active on nutritional analysis.


Our team is highly motivated, passionate for animals and bring their unique veterinarian skill-set to the table. The benefits of having a veterinarian team are obvious, as we have professionals whose are trained and educated to protect the health and well-being of animals, diagnose and control diseases and treat sick and injured animals.


The veterinarian team’s wealth of expert knowledge enables Cerberus to have a second layer of nutritional advice on top of our animal nutritionist team.


Our chefs bring a vast knowledge of the kitchen, cooking processes and ensure the meals are of the correct culinary taste.
Our chefs work very closely with the animal nutritionist team to ensure the meals are prepared and cooked in the correct manner and that all micro and macronutrients are of the highest standards.


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